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Marketing your product is not just a matter of getting your website up and running ... there's lots more you can do to attract potential customers to you and to enhance your sales.

Ozeweb Website Solutions doesn't just limit its assistance to its clients with websites ...
we can make those websites work for you, and give you the tools to get out there in the marketplace and sell, sell, sell!

A certain number of people still like to browse your product range at their leisure, and the best way to achieve this is with your own, regularly updated catalogue.

But we go one step further! ... Not only do we supply you with a print ready catalogue that you can output on your own colour printer for mail- out purposes, but we can also put that catalogue on your website as a downloadable item.

Click on the Catalogue link at left to learn more about this exciting addition to your product marketing.

e-Mail Marketing
One of the best marketing tools on the internet is mass e-mailing marketing ... no, we're not talking about spam (unsolicited e-mail that drives people mad!) but selective building of your own mailing lists and then effective mass marketing to those people who have opted in to receive news of your business.  Click on the e-Mail Marketing link at left to learn more.

Letterheads & Business Cards
We can design up your letterhead and business cards to meld in with the ambience of your website, thus presenting a cohesive marketing image for your business.
Click on names below to access
Click here to find out more about our Catalogue service
Click here to find out more about our e-Mail Marketing programs
Click here to find out more about our Letterhead service
Click here to find out more about our Business Card service
Click here to learn more about our Certificate & Hang Tags service
Click here to find out about our Newsletter service
Click here to find out about our Banner Advert service
Click here to find out more about our Logo & Graphics service
Examples of some of our Letterhead range

We can supply your letterheads to you in a format where you can include them in your word processing program as a template and then type directly onto your letterhead.  By printing out on your colour printer, you not only save heaps in printing costs, but you don't have any wastage.Or, if you like, we can print your letterheads and business cards for you, or supply artwork in high quality, print ready format for your favourite, local printer to print for you ... all of it reflecting on the beauty of your website.

Certificates & Hang Tags
What better way to ensure people gain the impression of quality about your products than by
supply a high quality certificate (such as the one at right), or adding quality hang tags explaining
various aspects of your product (such as safety warnings, etc).

We supply all of these items on the highest quality parchment paper, or can supply you with
the artwork on disk (or via e-mail) so you can print them yourself ... click on Certificates above to
learn more about this valuable addition to your product presentation.

Ozeweb Website Solutions has a highly qualified journalist and ex-newspaper editor on staff, so who better to write your newsletters, press releases and marketing e-mail for you?

Get super-professional with your newsletters by clicking on the Newsletter link at left.

Banner Adverts
Somewhat maligned because of over-use, but banner ads still work and are a good source of traffic to your site.  Let us design up striking banner ads for you – static, animated and Flash – for you to place around the web to attract more visitors to your website.

Logo & Graphics
Get instant recognition with a tastefully designed logo ... Oz-E-Web can do this for you in an instant ... or do you need a special graphic to use on your website — we can also do these for you as static, animated or Flash graphics ... just click on the Logo & Graphics button to learn more.
Certificates, hang tags ... everything to make your product look quality!
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