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Here at Ozeweb Website Solutions, we keep it as simple as possible for you to order and pay for your Oz-E-Web products...simple forms...simple payment methods.

If you have made your decision as to which product(s) you need, simply click on one of the three logos at right ... i.e.
Web Design to order your new website ... Web Hosting to order your website hosting package ... and/or the blue Domain Registrations splash at bottom to reserve your new domain name.

Please ensure you answer all questions on any of the forms you are taken to, as we need all of the information requested (please read our
Privacy Statement to be assured we keep all of your personal details totally confidential).

Our on-line payment system is arguably one of the most secure around, as we process your credit card details off-line via our own Bank Merchant account, so your credit card details are not 'flying around the web' as occasionally occurs with real time payment gateways.  Our fully secure on-line system is double password protected and your details are protected by a military strength encryption system.

If you wish to pay by other methods, we will accept  cheque/check, money order, or Internet bank transfer, which transfers your payment direct from your bank account to ours in seconds (
contact us by email for our bank account details).

You can select any of these methods of payment from our on-line Order Forms.

Thankyou for selecting Oz-E-Web as your provider of any of our services, and we look forward to a long and happy relationship with you.
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